Eight new ornament decorative strips have been turning out!
I was looking for old style brass decorative strips when I started building my own dollhouse in 2017. When my partner, Nikita, the young gentleman, came and talked to me last year, I decided to run the project and create a new product line, exclusive for Oiseau deNim Miniatures.

The thickness of brass ornament strips is 0.2mm; the ornament strips are perfect for dollhouse miniatures projects, they can be such as moulding, platbands of windows or facades; they can be also for decorating bell jars, lanterns, stands, tables or something else with your need and imagination!

Grid Serie is ideal for making industrial style furniture; it’s great for mini cupboards, gardening pots or bird cages. Plant Serie is in 35th scale and for diorama scenes ; it can be too the decoration pattern for dollhouse miniature projects. Now they are available in my shop! I am still working with Nikita. There are more to come in the summer time!

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