• Stainless Steel Modeling Tools for Clay lovers

    When I started making miniature plants in resin clay several years ago, I had trouble to find the correct and fine enough sculpture tools to work with. Today I'd love to recomand several fine, unique modeling and … Read More

    Stainless Steel Modeling Tools for Clay lovers
  • Garden Lamp Post

    It was family reunion week. It was also my leasure training time: my father in law has designed a hexagon lamp post in 12th scale; he brought me all the pieces last week. It was a great fun to assemble and paint the out … Read More

    Garden Lamp Post
  • Miniature Decorative Plates Tutorial

    I love to explore and learn new techniques of art craft. When I started making miniatures in 2009, I had a lot of fun in making mini food in FIMO. After making mini food, I had to get more little plates, bowls and … Read More

    Miniature Decorative Plates Tutorial


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