• Glass Jam Jars

    As KDF Online Showcase will be launching in less than one week, I am a little stressed. An idea just came to me two days ago: making container candles or planting some flowers in the glass looking jam jars? These little … Read More

    Glass Jam Jars
  • Fillings in Cupboards

    As I am preparing for workshop 'Mold-making and Reproduction' of Chicago Tombishop Show 2024, I prepare some samples and the working procedures for the students. After making a lot of plates and dishes, I think I have to … Read More

    Fillings in Cupboards
  • Printing Wine Bottles & Glass Cups

    It's fun to see the mini objects born from the original drawings! I am devoted! I work with FreeCad, a free software that my father-in-law suggested to me. As a newbie,  I modify the parameters after trial and … Read More

    Printing Wine Bottles & Glass Cups


Peiwen PETITGRAND, the designer of Oiseau deNim Miniatures started to work on dollhouse miniature projects, including the works of flowers, gastronomy, some dishes (meat, vegetables, pastries) and some utensils (plates, dishes), which have been exposed to several exhibitions, and she published in the book of miniatures < de retour du marché > in 2012, After a necessary break, she resumes with this first exhibition in Paris in Juin, 2019.

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