• Miniature Decorative Plates Tutorial

    I love to explore and learn new techniques of art craft. When I started making miniatures in 2009, I had a lot of fun in making mini food in FIMO. After making mini food, I had to get more little plates, bowls and … Read More

    Miniature Decorative Plates Tutorial
  • Cake Lifters, Knives & Cooling Racks

    I am happy to launch several lifelike cooling racks, cake lifters, knife and flatware set are now available in my shop.As I am new to the world of photo-etched parts, I do it by trial and error.I made up-to-scale … Read More

    Cake Lifters, Knives & Cooling Racks
  • Raw Meat & Fresh Veggies

    This is a self task of October: exploring raw meat tone colors and finding out clay recipes. There are still a lot of things to discover! :=) Fresh raw chicken in the baking tray-it's almost the season of … Read More

    Raw Meat & Fresh Veggies
  • Atelier 2023 : Gâteau Noël à la recette de grand-mère

    The Christmas seasonsI just confirmed with the direction of SIMP a week ago; I will be exhibiting at the SIMP show in Paris on December 9th. I'm going to organize and conduct a little but nice workshop with miniature … Read More

    Atelier 2023 : Gâteau Noël à la recette de grand-mère
  • Making Mini Lace

    As nail art manicure is popular nowadays, UV resins, UV nail gels, its related products and equipment are numerous and are found easily in the markets. This provide us another working methods thanks to its property and … Read More

    Making Mini Lace
  • Garden Lamp Post

    It was family reunion week. It was also my leasure training time: my father in law has designed a hexagon lamp post in 12th scale; he brought me all the pieces last week. It was a great fun to assemble and paint the out … Read More

    Garden Lamp Post


Peiwen PETITGRAND, the designer of Oiseau deNim Miniatures started to work on dollhouse miniature projects, including the works of flowers, gastronomy, some dishes (meat, vegetables, pastries) and some utensils (plates, dishes), which have been exposed to several exhibitions, and she published in the book of miniatures < de retour du marché > in 2012, After a necessary break, she resumes with this first exhibition in Paris in Juin, 2019.

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