• 2024 Workshop: mold-making and reproduction

    It’s fun to make molds. Mold-making permits a certain reproduction for dollhouse projects. As I always need a great amount of plates for mini cuisine, and pastries etc, mold-making becomes an indispensable skill for … Read More

    2024 Workshop: mold-making and reproduction
  • Trompe-l’œil Still Life

    Project of September: mini portraits and mini paintings! As a lover of "Trompe-l'œil" style paintings, I studied, and discovered several european painters in different periods of art histories and made some lovely … Read More

    Trompe-l’œil Still Life
  • Welcome! Japan Resix Clay

    One of my favorite clay, Resix Clay, has been officially landing in France. With its finesse and transparency, I like so much to work with it for making miniature flowers, plants and food. Highly recommended for clay … Read More

    Welcome! Japan Resix Clay
  • New Plant & Flower Cutters 2023

    It's a one of my passions to make useful tools. I discussed with several friends and fellows in Juin, decided the layouts, selected the material and co-worked with a professional artisan for the final production. All the … Read More

    New Plant & Flower Cutters 2023
  • Christmas Feast-KDF London Dollhouse Online Showcase

    There is one month until Christmas. As a mother of two kids, and as an old student in the center of formation, i am competing with time… Since October I have started preparing some little sweets as the Whisky Chocolate … Read More

    Christmas Feast-KDF London Dollhouse Online Showcase
  • Marinated Meat & Vegetable Stewpan

    I love trying the color recipe of polymer clay and like very much the canning technique. As the Christmas vacation is approaching, I feel obligated to run out the carrot and meat canes which have been made due to the … Read More

    Marinated Meat & Vegetable Stewpan


Peiwen PETITGRAND, the designer of Oiseau deNim Miniatures started to work on dollhouse miniature projects, including the works of flowers, gastronomy, some dishes (meat, vegetables, pastries) and some utensils (plates, dishes), which have been exposed to several exhibitions, and she published in the book of miniatures < de retour du marché > in 2012, After a necessary break, she resumes with this first exhibition in Paris in Juin, 2019.

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