• Printing Wine Bottles & Glass Cups

    It's fun to see the mini objects born from the original drawings! I am devoted! I work with FreeCad, a free software that my father-in-law suggested to me. As a newbie,  I modify the parameters after trial and error.  … Read More

    Printing Wine Bottles & Glass Cups
  • Bunny Cake

    In the previous post, you have seen how easy it is to make mini lace; here I'd like to show how I decorated the cake with it. The bunny cake, and macarons are made of FIMO clay; the chocolate bunny on top is made of … Read More

    Bunny Cake
  • Marinated Meat & Vegetable Stewpan

    I love trying the color recipe of polymer clay and like very much the canning technique. As the Christmas vacation is approaching, I feel obligated to run out the carrot and meat canes which have been made due to the … Read More

    Marinated Meat & Vegetable Stewpan


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