• Dahlia Inspiration

    It's been a moment I keep silence since last post. One of my favorite cats has left us forever since 9th May. This makes me down. We are not anymore in lockdown in France since mid May. The life seems back to normal … Read More

    Dahlia Inspiration
  • Darling Lily Bouquets

    I was participating in Toykyo Dollshouse Show on 8th and 9th July; I was pleased to meet many Japanese miniaturists and artists in a very limited breaktime, like Miyuki San, Teru San, Yuriko San, Yoko San, Sudo San, … Read More

    Darling Lily Bouquets
  • Spring is Here

    The 7th week of lockdown in France: the air was fresher, we had bright sunshiny day, green grass and beautiful flowers in the yard. Something that we were missing is the contact with people.A little gift box delivers our … Read More

    Spring is Here
  • Chococo Love Easter Chocolate Collection

    I am chasing after time. It reamins over 20 days before I leave for Chicago. When I brought my kids to the swimming poor this morning, I checked the list. OMG! I am far behind the planning... Frankly speaking, I got … Read More

    Chococo Love Easter Chocolate Collection
  • Printing Wine Bottles & Glass Cups

    It's fun to see the mini objects born from the original drawings! I am devoted! I work with FreeCad, a free software that my father-in-law suggested to me. As a newbie,  I modify the parameters after trial and … Read More

    Printing Wine Bottles & Glass Cups
  • New Year 2023

    It’s almost the end of January. I am in a hurry as I did not keep my work and my New Year’s resolutions posted. Wish you a very happy 2023 filled with happiness, prosperity, most of all good health and inner … Read More

    New Year 2023


Peiwen PETITGRAND, the designer of Oiseau deNim Miniatures started to work on dollhouse miniature projects, including the works of flowers, gastronomy, some dishes (meat, vegetables, pastries) and some utensils (plates, dishes), which have been exposed to several exhibitions, and she published in the book of miniatures < de retour du marché > in 2012, After a necessary break, she resumes with this first exhibition in Paris in Juin, 2019.

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