As nail art manicure is popular nowadays, UV resins, UV nail gels, its related products and equipment are numerous and are found easily in the markets. This provide us another working methods thanks to its property and speedy curing system.

In the tutorial, you see how the UV nail gel applied onto the lace molds and cured 2-3 minutes under UV Led lamps. Then, we get a very flexible print. We can apply mini lace to dolls’ clothes, mini cakes or pastries and everything with your imagination. We can color the lace print with acrylic spray paints easily.

Compared to UV clear resin, it takes longer time to cure nail gel due to its opaqueness. Depending on different brands of products we apply, curing time might be different too.

Always be aware of the safety tips for using UV Curing System before you start. Take well safety precautions: choosing qualified, non-toxic resin product and equipment is essential. Well protect your eyes, hands and work in a well ventilated area!

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