My first Youtube video
I was quite busy in March and am late for Newsletter March Issue. As I promised earlier, I made a simple tutorial to show how to make mini teapots and teacups in UV resin. You can check it on YouTube.

What we need in the section is transparent silicone molds, clear UV resin, colored liquid pigments and UV LED lamp. The essential tip is remove air bubbles from the molds before curing UV resin, especially in the mouth and the handle parts of the teapot mold, and the handle part of the teacup mold as well. As this is the first step, I expect to create more videos with great quality in the near future. I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback.

You can find more infos in my Newsletter April Issue here. It’s a brief activity report and hope you like it. Welcome to subscribe Oiseau deNim Miniatures’ Newsletter!

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