One of my favorite clay, Resix Clay, has been officially landing in France. With its finesse and transparency, I like so much to work with it for making miniature flowers, plants and food. Highly recommended for clay lovers and craftsmen!

・ Good texture and high quality.
-While maintaining beautiful whiteness, there is transparency, no yellowing or discoloration.
・ Even after drying, it has excellent flexibility and elasticity, so it is hard to break.
・ It is hard to break even when stretched thin like paper, and hard to break even when thin like needle, so delicate expression is possible.
・ Compared to other clays, it is hard to be hard even when it gets cold, does not crack and is resistant to water.
・ Because it transmits light, it shines well in natural light and lighting.
・ Glossy texture gives a glass-like texture.
・ Coloring is kneaded, and oils, acrylics, watercolors, pigments, and other types are not limited. It produces a bright and beautiful color with good color development, and can be colored even after

-A beautiful light color can be obtained with a small amount of paints, and dark, light, transparent and opaque can be freely selected.
・ After drying, the color shrinks slightly due to the loss of water and the color becomes slightly darker.

-Less deformation when drying.
・ Since it can be made thin and thin, the amount of use is small.
・ Easy handling. It is not sticky and does not require the use of hand creams, sicker rolls, etc.
・ Even after drying, it does not become brittle and can be stored permanently.

Ideal way for storage: For long-term storage, wrap it in a wet tissue or cloth, put it in a Lock & Lock Airtight Storage Box after opening the package, and even leave it in the refrigerator.

Highly recommanded for making miniature flowers and plants, of course ideal for making mini fake food, pastry, biscuits and sweets as well. It works well with all hard alloy cutters in my shop. The basic tutorial is offered; you can find it directly here

A clay flower online workshop will be conducted by me on 19th May. Join me and discover le magic power of Resix clay! Reserve your place at London Dollshouse Showcase Event!

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