I was participating in Toykyo Dollshouse Show on 8th and 9th July; I was pleased to meet many Japanese miniaturists and artists in a very limited breaktime, like Miyuki San, Teru San, Yuriko San, Yoko San, Sudo San, Kikki, Sanae San, Juko Ito San and Miyoko San. I made some little purchases for my own collections and even more I received the hanmade hydrangeas and roses from Yukari San in August.

Today, I’d like to introduce some works of my friend, Anehola, who lives in Yokohama.
We encountered each other in Facebook, one night where I was alone in a hotel in Paris while she was alone too in a hotel in Tokyo in 2019. The conversion of two women started! Anehola and I, we both loved miniatures and loved handcrafting. We had so many topics to discuss. After several months or one year later, I asked her if it was possible to go to the miniature shows and try to get one piece of Yukari San’s artworks for me…. As it was too difficult to get any works of Yukari San, she decided to learn with her. This was the magic start of Anehola! Before that, she did not know about miniatre clay flower but she built very beautiful miniature houses in stone and in cement and made a lot of wire crafts.

I received several branches of different plants of Anehola after I came back to Taiwan this summer. It was stunning to see the fineness of her work and I made several bouquets for London Dollshouse Festival Online Showcase, which will take place on 4th September.

This is our first collaboration. Voilà ! It seems we will continue playing some projects together in the near future.

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