When I started making miniature plants in resin clay several years ago, I had trouble to find the correct and fine enough sculpture tools to work with. Today I’d love to recomand several fine, unique modeling and sculpting tools for sculptors, doll artists, polymer clay/ air dry clay artists. You are going to discover the finess and high quality of the tools!

  • Awl Poking Tool: the hooked point tool is mainly used to edit stems for placing leaves and flowers.
  • Knife Loop Carving Tool: the knife tool is use to cut the clay and mainly used for Resix resin clay and sugar craft flower making.
  • Golf Chisel Tool: the golf tool is used for shaping and making flower petals
  • Veining Grooved Golf Tool: the veining Tool / grooved golf tool is otherwise called as line tool. it help to draw lines on the clay to give natural veining effect manually on leaves and stems
  • Clay Roller Tool: the roller tool is for making shallow groove shape onto clay
  • Spatula Sculpting Spoon Tool: the spatula sculpting spoon tool has very subtle curve so that they can be used for smoothing, sculpting or flattening your clay.
  • Frilling Tool *Small: Very handy tool for frilling cold procelain /sugar craft work, and great for more detailed work. Use to create tiny frills for clay doll dresses, or more detailed frills on clay flowers plants, and other work. Smooth finish to ensure flawless work.
  • Frilling Tool *Extra Small: like Frilling Tool *Small; it’s more delicate and finer.
  • Spatula Sculpting Spear-Shaped Tool: a perfect tool for manipulating modeling clay and wax
  • Rolling Pin: the rolling pin, ideal tool for rolling out a very thin layer of clay
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