• Cake Lifters, Knives & Cooling Racks

    I am happy to launch several lifelike cooling racks, cake lifters, knife and flatware set are now available in my shop.As I am new to the world of … Read More

    Cake Lifters, Knives & Cooling Racks
  • Glass Jam Jars

    As KDF Online Showcase will be launching in less than one week, I am a little stressed. An idea just came to me two days ago: making container candles … Read More

    Glass Jam Jars
  • Miniature Decorative Plates Tutorial

    I love to explore and learn new techniques of art craft. When I started making miniatures in 2009, I had a lot of fun in making mini food in FIMO. … Read More

    Miniature Decorative Plates Tutorial


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